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Since 1996, Congress has funded the NF Research Program, a part of the Army's Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP). This funding has totalled $272 million in clinically oriented NF research aimed at geting out of the lab and to the patients.

But every year, we have to convince Congress and the Senate to continue fundung this program, which means every year, WE NEED YOUR HELP.

This doesn't require any money...it doesn't require you to register and get slammed with emails...all it requires is 60 seconds of your time to send a letter to your congressional representatives and senators in Washington, D.C.

To send your letters, all you have to dois go to:


Please take 60 seconds to make a diffference in the lives of the more than 100,000 in this country with Neurofibromatosis. Then get your friends to do the same!


Paul Bodner
(July 23, 1946 - December 21, 2014)

Paul and Ellen Bodner and us

Last December, the world lost a great soul, and we lost a cherished family member. There are no words big enough to thank Paul Bodner for what he brought into our lives. His generosity and his huge heart inspired us every day to be better people. Our lives are infinitely better for knowing him, and we stand in a very long line of people who loved him and will miss him dearly. We love you, Paul..may flocks of angels sing thee to thy rest...

Paul and his family have decided that in lieu of flowers, contributions be made either to The Caring Place, Nathan Adleson Hospice or NF Hope (us). Should you choose to make a contribution to us, you can do it at NF Network. To make it in honor of Paul, please select "I would like to include a dedication".

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We will miss him, and continue every year to honor him by making the NF Hope Concert a success.

Thank you,

Jeff Leibow
Executive Producer
Director of Development for NF Hope Concerts


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The NF Hope Foundation was founded by Jeff and Melody Leibow to support the fundraising efforts of all neurofibromatosis charity organizations. Our premiere fundraising event is the NF Hope Concert. All proceeds from this event benefit NF Network and the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation